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About Us

Welcome to Gorilla Street, a dynamic and creative video production, photography, and digital media business with roots in London & Kent and a footprint covering the entirety of the UK.

With a rich history spanning 8 years in Cyprus, we've recently relocated back to the UK, bringing our wealth of international experience to our current operations.

We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals driven by a passion for crafting compelling narratives through visual media.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, innovative content that captivates audiences, assisting both businesses and individuals in achieving their goals.


We offer a comprehensive range of services encompassing video production, photography, animation, and digital media strategies.

Our talented filmmakers, photographers, and digital media experts leverage cutting-edge technology and creative techniques to breathe life into your ideas.

We take pride in consistently delivering exceptional results, always on time and within budget.

Whether you're seeking to promote your business, capture a special moment, or create a visually stunning experience, Gorilla Street Media are here to help.

Explore our site to discover more about our services and how we can bring your unique vision to life.

The Team

The Creatives At Gorilla Street

Tony Brown Gorilla Street Media
Tony Brown

Creative Director

Lee Moreman Gorilla Street Media
Lee Moreman

Social Media Manager

Sarah Milne Gorilla Street Media
Sarah Milne

Creative Development Manager

About Us Gorilla Street Media
Kiara Jones

Design & Marketing Manager

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