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George's Motorbike Rentals


Promotional Video

Client: George's Motorbikes 

Project: Promotional Video

Georges Motorbikes are a quad bike, sand buggy, scooter and motorbike rental business in Cyprus. We were asked to create a promotional video that would capture the essence of this business and showcase it to the world.

This video has been deleted.

Gorilla Street Media collaborated with George's Motorbikes to create a captivating promotional video highlighting the diverse fleet of quads, bikes and buggys.


Through meticulous planning, filming, and post-production, we successfully produced an engaging video that showcased Georg'es Motorbikes' services, convenience, and adventurous spirit. The video garnered increased brand awareness, online engagement, and attracted new customers, solidifying George's Motorbikes' position as a top choice for rentals in Protaras.

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