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Stardust Comedy Variety Show

Duration: 02:25

Promotional Video

This video has been deleted.

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their unique brand and target audience, resulting in a high-energy video that captured the essence of their live show. We utilised dynamic footage of the performers in action, paired with engaging interviews to showcase the show's humor and glamour.

The video successfully generated buzz and ticket sales for Stardust, leading to increased audience attendance and revenue. Through this case study, we demonstrate our ability to create effective and visually compelling promotional content for clients in the entertainment industry.


The video was shot on a Sony a7 III camera, known for its excellent image quality and advanced features. Shooting in 4K resolution allowed us to capture footage with stunning detail and clarity, which was crucial in showcasing the intricate costumes, makeup, and stage design.

Our team of skilled videographers utilised various techniques to capture engaging footage, including tracking shots, close-ups, and dynamic camera movements. We also used a mechanical stabilisers to ensure smooth and steady footage during fast-paced performances.

In post-production we added visual effects,  overlays, and color grading to create a cohesive and visually striking video that accurately portrayed the show's energy and style.

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