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Wedding Services

Since COVID hit us, live streaming has become very popular at weddings and events, that’s why we decided to offer a more professional approach and investing in new tech to provide a unique service to couples at their destination wedding.

We will set up 3 wireless HD cameras on tripods in order to capture every angle for your guest at home to enjoy. 

Each camera has its own microphone and we also use a wireless microphone discreetly hidden close to the ceremony table to pick up your vows and any speeches / poems you may have at your ceremony. 

The mics and cameras connect wirelessly to our broadcast device which is connected to our own portable wifi hotspot.

The audio and cameras are closely monitored by our live stream operator who will be out of way, nearby to operate the broadcast camera angles and audio,.

We will contact you 2 weeks prior to your wedding day in order to provide you with the link that your loved ones at home will need to click on their smart TV, tablet, phone or computer. 

This will open a YouTube player for your online guests to watch.

On the day of your wedding, our team will arrive 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony in order to set everything up. 

After your wedding day, we will send you a link of the full ceremony broadcast which will be yours to download and keep forever. 

We rely on a stable internet connection which is why we use the best provider in Cyprus and pay a subscription for our own wifi hotspot service.. 

To date, our connection has never failed us.

If the internet connection is out of service for any reason, then the live stream will be interrupted momentarily whilst we switch to our backup connection. 

Contact us HERE for more information or to enquire about booking our live streaming service. 

Example Booking Contract

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