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Cyprus Performing Arts

10 Page Website   

Website Design & Development


Cyprus Performing Arts (CPA) approached Gorilla Street to design and develop their website.

As a creative agency, Gorilla Street was responsible for designing and writing content for the website, as well as capturing media, photo, and video content to be incorporated into the site.

Our main objective was to create a user-friendly website that would effectively showcase CPA's courses and provide easy access to information about the academy.

To achieve this, we designed the website to include various course application forms that streamlined the application process for prospective students.

In addition, we integrated a secure online payment system that allowed students to easily and securely pay their subscription fees.

A user login feature was created that enabled students to access their account and pay their fees quickly and efficiently.

The end result was a dynamic and engaging website that effectively showcased the CPA's courses and provided students with easy access to all the information they needed.


The website has been instrumental in attracting new students to the academy and has been well received by the client.

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