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Gorilla Street have a proven track record of being one of the most innovative digital agencies in Cyprus, offering competitive design and social media services island wide and beyond.

What Is A Digital Makeover? 

A digital makeover means shaping your online presence so that it's internet ready. 

Standing out from your competition in the digital world and winning over customers

can be a challenging task. It's important to be in tune with some of the best practices to 

help you improve the way you communicate and how you appear to your audience.

Why Do We Need A Digital Makeover? 

Your online image is your customers’ first impression of your organisation.

Having a professional social and online presence can truly make your business’s online reputation a cut above the rest, which is why it is crucial to hire someone solely for this instead of spreading the responsibilities across your current team.


Attract New Customers

Updating your business's digital appearance and strategies is essential to staying relevant and appealing to your audience. Having the correct image is the foundation of your business’s success and something that needs to be carefully crafted. 

Our team can help you and your business to apply our knowledge and really make you stand out from the crowd.

Digital Makeovers

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Social Media Content Creators


Social media is the best marketing tool out there if used correctly.  

It should not be used to bombard potential customers with adverts. A business page full of adverts just gets lost in the social web.  


The Gorilla Street approach to social media advertising is tried and tested. It is vital that business pages should be more personal and include your customers, staff and management to tell a story about your brand, this allows for more interaction from people who are far more likely to share this with their network.


In the bigger picture, having a professional looking social media page with the correct content will get people talking, sharing and engaging with your brand and will really enhance your sales. Your competitors are probably not as active on social media in the way that you could be by utilising our expertise. 

This will give you the edge in building your social presence and achieving results. 


Times have changed. Display boards, magazine ads and websites do not even come close when it comes to the effectiveness of having a good social media channel combined with a company such as us to help you make sure it is looking the best it can be.



Graphic Design

Graphic design for printed collateral, advertisements, promotions, social media, online advertising and much more.


Working with startups or existing businesses. Branding isn't just designing a logo. It's how your business or product is viewed and recognised in your target market.

Website Design & Development

Designing and developing websites from basic sites to fully functional online stores or interactive sites.User experience comes first while maintaining a consistent, modern image.

Website Design

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