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Digital Signage - Kaya Bar


Digital LED Screen Signage

Kaya Bar Limassol is a popular bar located in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus. The bar owners were looking for a way to enhance the overall atmosphere of the bar

They wanted to use digital signage to display ads for their coffee, drinks promotions, DJ logos, and visualisers, among other things.

To help them achieve their goals, our team created a range of visually appealing adverts that were displayed on the screens, including images and videos of the bar's products and services.

Digital Signage
Kaya Coffee Advert
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Kaya Bar- TV Screen Media
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Coffee Ad2 Screen Media
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The LED screen media has been a huge success, attracting more customers to the bar and increasing sales. The ads are eye-catching and engaging, and they have helped to create a fun and lively atmosphere in the bar.

The bar owners are very pleased with the results and plan to continue using the our media to promote their upcoming events and drinks.

Overall, the use of the screen adverts at Kaya Bar has been an effective way to enhance the overall customer experience and increase revenue.

The success of the project shows the power of digital signage and how it can be used to drive business growth.

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