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Falling Into You - EGGSTA 


Music Video

The music video "Falling into You" was created for the artist EGGSTA, depicting the story of a woman falling in love with her best friend and the challenges she faces throughout the journey.

The video was directed, filmed, and produced by the talented team at Gorilla Street who worked closely with EGGSTA to bring her vision to life.

The team began by conducting research to understand the storyline and identify the best locations and visuals to tell the story

This video has been deleted.

We scouted locations and collaborated with the model who was Isabella Platzer, an Austrian Miss World Earth Edition finalist to bring the narrative to life.

The result was a stunning visual depiction of the struggles and triumphs of love.

The video was released to critical acclaim, with many praising the quality of the visuals and the power of the storyline.


The video was pushed out on social media, with many viewers commenting on how it resonated with them and their own experiences with love and friendship.

Overall, the music video for "Falling into You" was a huge success, showcasing the power of storytelling and the importance of quality visuals in the music industry.

The project demonstrated the effectiveness of a collaborative approach, with the artist, model and the production team working together to create a compelling visual story that resonated with viewers.

The success of the video brought increased attention to the artist and helped to further her career in the music industry.


More information about EGGSTA can be found at

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