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Getting Married In Cyprus? What you need you know!

Cyprus is a sun-drenched island, where blue skies, turquoise seas and white sand make for the most beautiful of wedding destinations. Getting married in Cyprus is relatively inexpensive compared to other parts of the world, and it’s home to some of the best wedding venues overseas. Whether you want to get married on the beach, have a civil wedding at a traditional villa or walk down the aisle at a church, there are various things you’ll need to consider prior to your wedding. It’s always worth doing this further in advance so that you’re not left with any last-minute frantic planning.

Getting married in Cyprus – The admin.

If you’ve got your heart set on getting married in Cyprus, you’ll want to make sure that you’re aware of the regulations and laws of getting married overseas, as well as the smaller details, so let’s make a start!

Getting to Cyprus

Flying out to your wedding destination is a huge factor in planning your special day, and should be one of the first things you consider. Cyprus is renowned for having around 326 days of sunshine a year, so if you’re someone who really wants the weather to be in your favour then it’s the ideal choice for a wedding.

Direct flights run regularly from London, Manchester and Birmingham. The flight time is just under 5 hours from the UK, so it feels as though you’re heading to a tropical destination but won’t feel too far if you’ve got family and friends of all ages joining you.

Visa Requirements

If you have an EU passport, you are entitled to visa-free entry to Cyprus.

For marriage purposes, you must apply for a Special Licence if you don’t plan to be in Cyprus for an extended period of time. This will mean that you can marry within a couple of days of arriving, rather than waiting for approximately 16 days with a Standard Wedding Licence.

Ceremony Venue

Civil weddings are the most popular choice for weddings in Cyprus with lots of beautiful venues on offer, but it is also possible to have a Catholic or Anglican religious ceremony.

Traditional villa locations and private wedding venues are popular locations for getting married in Cyprus due to their privacy and tranquillity, and because it’s possible to have both the ceremony and reception at the same location. The beach is also a beautiful option, with endless white sandy beaches in Cyprus and almost-guaranteed sunshine.

There are a variety of Catholic and Anglican churches throughout Cyprus that you may have your ceremony at, but please bear in mind that the process is different, more costly, and requires extra arrangements (as you’ll see below).

Licence Fees

The cost of your wedding licence and marriage certification fees will be dependent on where you choose to get married in Cyprus.

  • If a wedding takes place at a private location or at the beach, the cost is 732 euros.

  • If the wedding takes place at a local town hall, the cost is 282 euros.

  • If the wedding takes place at a Catholic or Anglican church, the cost is 282 euros – plus approximately 600 euros payable to the church where the ceremony is taking place.

Legal Requirements

Getting married in Cyprus is fairly easy and civil ceremony marriages consummated here are recognised internationally and are legally binding.

If you would like to have an Anglican church wedding, you will need to contact the Registered Minister of the Church and discuss additional arrangements with them. You will also need to provide a christening certificate from either the bride or groom before this can be confirmed.

If you would like a Catholic wedding, you will first need to have a civil ceremony before your marriage can become legally binding. You will also need to contact your local Catholic Priest for permission to get married in Cyprus, and they will be expected to forward this to the Priest of your chosen church in Cyprus. It’s recommended to start making arrangements for this six months in advance, as the process for Catholic weddings is slightly longer than others.

Marriage Application

In order to be legally married, your marriage application must be made in person to the Marriage Officer and the Municipality of your choice, once you’ve arrived in Cyprus. This must be completed at least three days prior to the day of your wedding ceremony.

Documents required for getting married in Cyprus:

If you haven’t previously been married

  • Passport with a minimum of six months validity

  • Photocopy of passport photo page

  • Photocopies of passport photo page of your two witnesses

  • Full birth certificate

  • Name Change Deed Poll certificate – if applicable

If you are a divorcee

Additional documentation required:

  • Previous marriage certificate

  • Decree Absolute

If you are a widow/widower

Additional documentation required

  • Previous marriage certificate

  • Death certificate of spouse

Certificate of Marriage

All ceremonies will be completed in English, and all documentation will subsequently be in English. The certificates will be handed to the newly-weds immediately after the ceremony, and these will be valid in the UK.

If you require additional copies, a fee of approximately 14 euros will be charged per copy.

How can Gorilla Street Help?

Although getting married in Cyprus is much easier than other countries, there is still a lot to consider when planning your wedding overseas and we know many professional wedding planners that offer a service that takes away all the hassle for you. We offer many wedding services such as wedding films, wedding DJ, wedding fireworks, lighting, and have many contacts for other extras that you may wish to have for your big day..

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