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Wedding Venue Suppliers (Foul Play)?

Wedding Couples - Stand your ground! Have you been told that you must only use your chosen wedding venues own suppliers for your special day? Stand your ground!

Wedding venue suppliers who tell couples that they can only use their own suppliers for videography, photography or any other service are not operating correctly.

This practice restricts the couple's choice and takes away from their ability to create a unique and special day.

It's important for couples to understand that they have the right to choose their own suppliers for their wedding day.

Some couples may have friends or family members in the industry who are willing to offer services at a reduced rate as part of a wedding present. Others may have already found a company whose style they love and want to use for their wedding.

Wedding venue suppliers may argue that their preferred suppliers have been vetted and are reliable and have the correct insurance etc, but this is just technical jargon and is not always the case. Commissions and profits are always the real reason and they use this speech as a poor excuse to hide this fact.

Some couples may prefer to use a different supplier because they have a personal connection or because they love their style of work as apposed to the suppliers that they have been forced to work with.

Couples should stand up for themselves and let the venue supplier know that they have the right to choose their own suppliers for their wedding day.

A wedding day is one of the biggest days of a person's life, and the couple should be able to have whatever they want on their special day.

If a venue supplier mandates their own suppliers, it may be a red flag that the venue is more concerned with their own profits than with the couple's happiness, limiting the couple's options and taking away from their ability to create a unique and special day.

So in conclusion, remember, this is the biggest day of your life and you run the show, if anyone tells you otherwise, then its time to walk in the other direction and find a venue that respects and honours whatever you want on your special day.

Hey, hey, hey! If you're a wedding venue supplier and you're feeling like a deflated balloon right about now because we just described your policy, don't worry, we all make mistakes! It's not about falling down or pointing the finger at anyone, it's about picking yourself back up and doing better.

Lets all become better people.

No more restrictions on suppliers, no more shaking down couples for commissions, and no more putting a damper on their special day.

It's time to make things right and give couples the freedom to choose their own suppliers.

So, let's raise a glass to progress and growth! Cheers to leaving those old, restrictive policies in the past and embracing a brighter future filled with happy couples, satisfied customers, and a guilt-free conscience.

We got this, making a better place for everyone :)

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