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Weddings Are Back!

Well, our first full year back to almost normality (and first of our new monthly blog posts) has been It seems like this pesky virus and restrictions are a distant memory now we are once again attending so many fantastic weddings and events

What a year is has been, although it has been really busy, surprisingly it still hasn’t been our busiest ever due to covid – although admittedly it did feel as though it was.

Getting back into the swing of things fully did take a bit time – especially when it came to setting up and packing away times – and with covid/isolating there were a lot of challenges which we simply could not prepare for. Thankfully though we got there in the end.

The beginning of the year can only be described as ‘hectic’ when it came to weddings with everyone simply desperate to hit the dancefloor once again. It is very emotional for us to see full dancefloors once again and the honour of asking everyone to join in during the first dance is something that still touches us at each and every wedding.

We did have a few restrictions about guests approaching the DJ booth for song requests, but implemented a ‘Text a Request’ system which worked great. We have relaxed this and allow people once again to pop up to make a request, but the text facility will be there if ever needed again.

Throughout the Pandemic we were still working as hard as ever behind the scenes and are delighted to announce that we are now recommended by many more venues in the area as well as becoming We have not really done much marketing as such as most of our bookings actually come from recommendations from previous couples, people who have attended weddings we have worked at and also from other wedding suppliers.

We Look forward to welcoming all of our 2022 Bride and Grooms.

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