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M.K Traffic Management Ltd

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Aerial Traffic Surveying

Gorilla Street were contracted by M.K Traffic Management Ltd in Cyprus to provide aerial drone surveying of major junctions, highways, and roundabouts in various districts across the country.


The aim of the project was to collect detailed data on traffic flow and congestion, which would then be analysed to determine where traffic control measures were needed.

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By utilising our drones , even in high winds, Gorilla Street was able to capture high-resolution stable video footage of the selected areas, providing a unique and detailed perspective on the traffic patterns and conditions. The team conducted multiple surveys, covering a range of times and weather conditions, to ensure that the data collected was comprehensive and accurate.

The data collected has resulted in the installation of traffic lights, roundabouts, and other traffic management solutions to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion.

The use of aerial drone surveying allowed the project to be completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to traffic and without the need for traditional surveying methods.


The detailed data collected by the drones provided valuable insights that would have been difficult or impossible to obtain through other means, helping M.K Traffic Management Ltd to make informed decisions about traffic control measures on behalf of the govenment.

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